Our 2013 VIP nominee for Employee of the Year suffered a horrible tragedy several years ago. While attempting to protect his family during a home invasion, he was shot in the temple causing loss of sight in both eyes and his sense of smell.

This horrible incident which robbed him of something we all take for granite has not allowed him to become a bitter person. Although I’m sure at times he may briefly feel the bitterness, he doesn’t allow himself to be consumed by it.

Take a minute to talk with him where you’ll always find a smile and can appreciate his wit and the clever way he displays his sense of humor. In these few words, I’m sure everyone has guessed by now that the “he” I refer to is Oscar Lopez.

Oscar came to LIB 2-1/2 years ago. At that time, he was enrolled at Lenoir Community College where he obtained his GED and has plans, when the time is right, to continue his education. He has strived and worked hard, as all of our previous VIP Employees of the Year did, to master his work skills by doing his very best using the solid work ethic that he brought with him.

During his time at LIB, he has taken time to help other VIPs with their mobility and if you’re a willing participate to even learn a little Spanish. With the opening of the Woodmen Community Center in July, Oscar and his wife Marie were there at least four days a week. Oscar could be seen getting his cardio workout on the walking track and Marie was shaking her booty to the Latin beat in the Zumba class.

Oscar continues to approach any task assigned him with an open mind and enthusiasm and constantly gives 100% plus every day. Ask Oscar today what he’s the most proud of and he’ll probably tell you, as I would if I were asked that being a grandpa is No 1.

He has earned from all of us the respect and honor of being LIB’s 2013 VIP Employee of the Year.