If a positive attitude, a productive worker and an extremely friendly disposition are benchmarks for qualifying as LIB’s Blind Employee of the Year, then this employee deserves that honor.

Since having begun work at LIB, this employee said I will be at work every day and would accept any challenge. Well, that declaration has been true every time she has been asked to help out in other departments. As a matter of fact, we just take it for granted she’ll pitch in wherever she is needed.

This employee approaches any task with an open mind and motivation and like all our blind and sight impaired employees this person does the best that they can do.

Everyone within the sound of my voice has had to deal with challenges that test our inner strength, and determination but this employee’s strong family unit and faith have pulled her through life and here she is, a success.

We appreciate this employee’s dedication and their commitment to excellence.

You all may have an idea who our winner is but I will give you a hint that will confirm who it is, after all we all know her by her unique, somewhat vocal and joyous sounding laugh.

Congratulations Mia Hixon.