Our 2013 nominee for Employee of the Year is no stranger to work and in the same token has probably never meant a stranger. He has a genuine smile and a joke or a story he’ll be glad to share. He is a genuine self-starter who shows unlimited initiative and imagination when confronted with any problem.

Since coming to LIB in January 2011, Dwayne Floyd has made some type of impact on almost everyone here. It seems that no challenge irritates him or at least any that makes him show frustration – although he may slip occasionally with a “doggonit”.

You’ve heard the old saying – “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”. Well that doesn’t apply in this instance. There have been few problems that have popped up that he has not been able to diagnose & repair or replace, or as a last resort to call in someone from outside. And I do mean last resort. Although, I don’t think he’s too fond of plumbing.

Dwayne processes a rare combination of a lifetime of hands on experience with a practical and common sense approach to resolve whatever challenge comes his way.