​We have picked a loyal, hard-working, dedicated and talented employee as our sighted employee of the year.

Ever since joining LIB, this person has been kind and friendly to all those whom they work with. Not because this person must be that way but because this person is that way.

This employee has all the right instincts. He sticks to the rules at LIB and doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts. This employee is very well organized and gets the job done efficiently. He’s always positive and leaves a positive impression on his coworkers. Above all else he has the right temperament in his job and displays a professional attitude with all the people that he interacts with here at LIB.

This employee helps us in our commercial screen print and USGS commercial departments. He helps receive and store raw materials in the warehouse. He has helped pack mail bags and swabs. He has even filled in our military embroidery department. Oh, did I happen to mention that his primary job is that he serves as LIB’s cutting operator? So, is it any wonder that we have all come to admire him not only for what he gives at LIB but how much he enjoys his job.

I suppose by now we all know who this outstanding person is:

Trevor Morrison, congratulations on being named LIB’s 2020 Sighted Employee of the Year.